Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke Hearts

Whole, Quartered, Marinated and Artichoke Hearts, retail and foodservice.


Whole, Quartered, Marinated and Artichoke Hearts are available in 24/14 oz and 6/3 kg can sizes, as well as 12/6.5 oz and 12/12 oz glass jars.

The artichoke hearts that Abbot Blackstone offers on retail are grown and sourced organically. This means that we do not use manufactured substances of chemical orientation to grow our products, but rely on natural climates and fertilizers to help our plants grow. Now, we all know how delicious artichoke hearts are, but for those who want to know more about them, we are going to give a little more information below.

Artichokes are actually a thistle, and the heart is the bud that turns into a flower. So, yes flowers can be and are edible. Now, if you think that is a bit weird, then you should be aware that in countries like Scotland, thistle is used in a variety of foods for daily consumption, like porridge. Also, animals will eat thistle and if you let it grow to full bloom you will see that it is actually part of the daisy family of flowers.

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Available in:

12/12 oz Glass Jars, 12/6.5 oz Glass Jars, 24/14 oz Cans, 6/3 kg Cans