Baby Corn

Baby Corn is packed in Thailand. Whole and cut, retail and foodservice.



Baby Corn is packed in Thailand. Available in 24/15 oz and 6/10 can sizes. Available in whole and cut. Also available in glass jars, pickled or brine. Whole and cut, retail and foodservice.

Why should you purchase baby corn for your customers? Well, it is not because baby corn has any extra nutritional value, although it does lack the sugar content that mature corn has. What makes baby corn a valuable commodity for most people who use it, is that it looks interesting and makes dishes more fanciful.

If you sell to restaurants or to an eclectic variety of home chefs, then baby corn is a good product to have in stock as it will provide those interested cooking enthusiasts with color and temper to give their home-made or retail dishes. Additionally, as stated above, we get ours organically from Thailand. America does not produce baby corn as it is a time intensive and difficult process, with no added health benefits.

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Available in:

24/15 oz Cans, 6/10 Cans, Glass jars, pickled or brine

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