Sliced and diced Carrots packed in China. Sliced and diced, retail and foodservice


Sliced and diced Carrots packed in China. Available in the 24/15 oz and 6/10 can sizes. Sliced and diced, retail and foodservice.

Anyone who has kids can understand the benefit of easy food preparation. No parent wants to be spending valuable minutes chopping up or dicing vegetables for food prep when they can just open a bag and portion out what they need. For retailers that provide for the greater market whole, having this type of product already packed can make the all the difference in the end consumer’s life.

This also holds true for retailers that use these products. We do offer a variety of whole and cut fruits and vegetables to meet the varied needs of the end consumer who will use these products. In addition, we do everything we can to use organically raised products, so as to cut down on extra chemicals one might otherwise ingest.

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Available in:

24/15 oz Cans, 6/10 Cans