Sacha Inchi Protein

Pack size: 20 kg


The sacha inchi shrub produces beautiful seed pods encased in an outer covering that resembles a tiny lantern. Once the seeds are removed from the star-shaped pods, they are then dried. Oil is extracted from the seeds, and the remaining plant fiber is then processed into a fine powder. Sacha inchi powder contains about 60% protein, has high omega-3 fat and vitamin E contents, and has all 8 essential amino acids. Sacha Inchi powder can be mixed in with chia and quinoa, sprinkled over salads, cereals, and yogurt and added into blended nutritional drinks. Since heat does not harm sacha inchi powder, it retains its nutritional value when baked into snack bars or other treats. Sacha Inchi seeds can likewise be easily incorporated into a healthy diet, added to salads, sprinkled onto soups, and baked into breads. (More Info)

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