It’s a good time to buy now, even if for later shipment.

The weather has been too hot, earlier than it should be. This is affecting the pineapple crop, which is less this summer and may be short after that. The crop might be 15% or more below last years.

Present raw material cost is increasing to 4.70 – 5.10 Baht / kg due to the shortage of raw material in the early summer and to high demand from big packers. Furthermore, the current exchange rate of the Thai Baht against the US Dollar is around 28.80 – 29.00 Baht /$. At this moment it is very strong and we feel that money will keep on flowing into Thailand.

Asia, and especially Thailand, is now the hot spot for foreign investors. The stock market has been trading around 100 billion Bahts daily with foreign investors, compared to roughly 30 billion daily before now. The trend of the Baht is to go stronger than 29, with indications that it might even go to an undesired level of 27 Baht/$.