Now is the season of pineapple, when we obtain raw materials for usual consumption, about 500 Metric Tons per day.

The total pineapple output in Thailand in 2012 is estimated to have reached two million tons (12% lower than 2011). The supply in 2013 is forecast to sink 1.8 million tons (11% drop from 2012).

The fruit quality is good at the moment and growing conditions are favorable, although some plantations are still very wet. There is continued speculation of an El Nino effect bringing drought to the growing regions in early 2013, and some sources suggest that there is a 70-75% chance of this occurring, but there is no real way of telling until early 2013 at the earliest.

Nevertheless, we still quite aware of supply in next year crop 2013 as we got some hint that most farmers may reduce planting pineapple, and may change to grow the other crops such as Rice, Tapioca, Sugar cane, due to these crops get full subsidy from the government, so their prices are better and higher than pineapple.

From the above situation, we consider that pineapple situation in 2013 will be rather fluctuated, so most packers do not dare quote for a long shipment period, because it seems difficult to predict the future crop situation.