Thai Pineapple raw materials price has been ranging between 8.00 – 8.20 baht / kg, with a daily supply to packers of around 3000 – 4000 tons/day. Most packers are running below their capacity, thus increasing their relative costs.

Packers are expecting an increase in the reception of raw material that will start with the new crop at around the end of May, but are unsure how the pricing will be affected. This will depend on the raw materials price and on whether or not the total volume of pineapple to be received from the new crop will be above 4000 tons/day, which is a key number.

Vietnamese Pineapple also has its problems. Their main pineapple crop is from February to June, with a smaller crop from July on. This year’s cold weather will cause a severe shortage from July until October, so packers are now limiting sales, as they have sold larger amounts than usual and they are afraid they will not be able to ship them all. In November there will be product again, and sales will pick up later in the year for shipments after November.