As we head into the last part of Q1 2021 we wanted to give you an update on west coast ports. This is widely affecting many of you and the food import industry at large.  Long story short, things remain very congested.

By our last count there were 34 vessels at anchor off of LA/Long Beach ports waiting to get into port to unload.  In San Francisco we counted 20 vessels at anchor in the bay waiting to get into Oakland port.  On average we are seeing west coast bound cargo take an additional 30-45 days to arrive.  Most indications we have received point towards this congestion continuing well into Q2, perhaps longer, but in either case it appears that this congestion is not about to resolve.

So, to prevent out of stocks and / or production delays planning ahead by factoring in these ocean freight delays for upcoming requirements is very important.  We have taken action to accelerate shipments where possible as well in order to try and maintain inventory levels.  Please reach out to your Abbott Blackstone representative with remaining Q1 and Q2 requirements in order to allocate from our inventory as well as inbound shipments.

LA Port As Of March 2nd 2021:

Oakland Port As Of March 2nd 2021:

Noteworthy Reads:

Researchers from the Singapore Eye Research Institute and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, recently published and interesting paper on the role of goji berries in preventing and/or delaying eye disease.

The paper is titled “Fructus lycii: A Natural Dietary Supplement for Amelioration of Retinal Diseases” and a link to the actual paper can be found here: . We wanted to share this since we felt many of you might also find it interesting.


Getting With The Seasons!

Following is a Peak Seasonality Chart, sorted by month, for many of the ingredients we handle to assist in the planning process.  Orienting ingredient procurement around peak seasonality for the respective ingredients in question can, most of the time, ensure quality & competitive supply.


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