The Walnut Board of California has released the March Monthly Shipment Report:

March of 2016 compared to March 2015 Shipments – March 2016 shipments were 47,955 Inshell equivalent tons compared to 49,863 Inshell equivalent tons last year. Representing an decrease of 4%.

Year to date Shipments 2015/2016 vs. 2014/2015 Marketing Year Inshell Equivalent Tonnage for the 2015/2016 crop is 416,169 compared to 369,726 last year. Representing an increase of 46,443 inshell equivalent tons or +13%

Year to date Domestic Shipments 118,061 Inshell tons, compared to 115,673 inshell tons last year, representing a +3% increase.

Year to date Export Shipments 298,107 Inshell tons, compared to 254,053 inshell tons last year, representing a 17% increase

CROP RECEIPTS- Receipts are 600,147 Inshell tons as of March 31st 2016. The CASS Crop Estimate was at 575,000 Inshell tons.

New crop: Very early reports on the crop are that the earliest variety, the Serr’s are coming in very nicely and big. With that being said, it is way too early to predict the crop size on the new Walnut Crop.

Pricing: All light material, LHP Chandler 20, 40% and 80% has risen in price over the last 2- 3 weeks. The demand for light material and very limited tonnage available has put some pressure on those items and some handlers have moved up their pricing ideas by 20-30 cents. There is still some light material available, but is being held back for contracts that are already on the books. The handlers that do not have cold storage have sold the last of their loads and are looking to be done by May or early June. If you need Chandler material, we would look to book those needs very soon before the HOT summer months in California.